We have all kinds of ball and beach sports that you are welcome to borrow for free.

Enjoy the Lake

Get a dip in the lake or just relax on our beach beds.


The 3 Senga Bay hills are great for a hike. Apart from a magnificent view over the villages and the lake, you can spot monkeys and many rare birds. There are routes of varying difficulty so there is something for everyone, all starting from Cool Runnings.


Hire our kayaks to explore the bay of Lizard Island. It is worth taking a snorkel with you to see the unique fish world, fresh water tropical fish. (Cichlids)


There is a variety fish species in Lake. Easy to identify by their bright colour.

Rock diving

With a little courage you can go rock jumping into crystal cleare water.


At the Kuti Wildlife Center you can see many animals on a mini safari, by bike, foot or car.

Crokodil Farm

In the nearby crocodile farm you can see many crocodiles up close.

Mua Mission

On a day trip to Mua Mission you will learn a lot about the Chewa culture.

Fish Farm

Learn more about world famous Cichlids. Check it out.

Fishing Village

Up the beach you get a glimpse of a traditional afrikan fishing village.

Toms Bar

Toms Bar is a great place to chat with locals while drinking Kutche Kutche.

Markt / Village

A walk or a guided tour through the surrounding village and the market can be worthwhile.

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